Kikkawa You – Two You

Kikkawa You - Two YouKikkawa You’s 2nd album Two You will be released on April 24.

The album contains 12 tracks including 5 new songs, 2 acoustic versions, and her latest singles Koko Kara Hajimarunda!, Darling to Madonna, Sekaijuu ni Kimi wa Hitori Dake.

The limited edition comes with a bonus DVD featuring footage from the live Kikka Fes 6 ~The Request Hour~ (きっかフェス 6 ~ザ・リクエスト・アワー~) held on January 25 at Shinagawa Stellar Ball, Tokyo.

Kikkawa You’s DVD Music Video Clips Vol.1 will also go on sale on April 24.


  • CD
    1. Dramatic (ドラマチック)
    2. Darling to Madonna (ダーリンとマドンナ)
    3. Zutto Zutto Zutto Kimi ga Suki Da (ずっとずっとずっと君がスキだ)
    4. Renai Enbo (恋愛遠慕)
    5. Sekaijuu ni Kimi wa Hitori Dake (世界中に君は一人だけ)
    6. Koko Kara Hajimarunda! (ここから始まるんだ!)
    7. To Be…
    8. Kaze no You no Melody (風のようなメロディー)
    9. Unmei (運命)
    10. Twinkle Days
    11. Sayonara Namida (さよなら涙) (Acoustic Version)
    12. Kikkake wa You! (きっかけはYou!) (Acoustic Version)
  • DVD (Limited Edition)
    • Kikka Fes 6 ~The Request Hour~ (きっかフェス 6 ~ザ・リクエスト・アワー~)

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