KNU – Rainbow in the Sky

KNU - Rainbow in the SkyKNU’s new single Rainbow in the Sky will be released on November 20.

It is the 8th single from KNU.

2 editions of the CD are available. They include 3 songs. The coupling track is different for each one of them.

A video of the song Rainbow in the Sky performed at a live event has been revealed.

Furthermore, KNU will hold their 3rd one-man Live (KNU 3rd ワンマンLive) on November 17 at Tokyo Kinema Club.

Type A

  1. Rainbow in the Sky
  2. Amazuppai Slash (あまずっぱいスラッシュ)
  3. Bouinboushoku Shock! (暴飲暴食Shock!)
  4. Rainbow in the Sky (Instrumental)
  5. Amazuppai Slash (あまずっぱいスラッシュ) (Instrumental)
  6. Bouinboushoku Shock! (暴飲暴食Shock!) (Instrumental)

Type B

  1. Rainbow in the Sky
  2. Natsu no Kioku (夏の記憶)
  3. Kuri Kuri Christmas (クリクリ クリスマス)
  4. Rainbow in the Sky (Instrumental)
  5. Natsu no Kioku (夏の記憶) (Instrumental)
  6. Kuri Kuri Christmas (クリクリ クリスマス) (Instrumental)

Video (Live)

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