Live & Life Negicco 2014-15 Winter

Live & Life Negicco 2014-15 WinterLive & Life Negicco 2014-15 Winter will be on sale on April 7.

The DVD includes the video of the concert Road of Negiiiiii ~Negicco One Man Show~ which took place on January 25 at Liquidroom, Tokyo. The girls were supported by a live band, NegiBand, on stage.

There is also a documentary on the idol group from Niigata. It follows Nao☆, Megu and Kaede during the release events held for Negicco‘s latest single Hikari no Spur which reached the 5th rank at the Oricon weekly ranking.

The trailer has been released.

In addition, the 3 members of the idol group are going to participate in signing sessions on April 8 at Tower Records Kinshi, Tokyo, and on April 12 at Aeon Mall, Niigata.

Tracklist / Setlist

  • Disc 1
    • Road of Negiiiiii ~Negicco One Man Show~ 2015 Winter@ Liquidroom
    1. Triple! Wonderland (トリプル!Wonderland)
    2. Neutrino Love (ニュートリノ・ラヴ)
    3. Futari no Yuugi (二人の遊戯)
    4. Sweet Soul Negi (スウィート・ソウル・ネギィー)
    5. Cream Soda Love (クリームソーダLove)
    6. Atarashii Koi no Uta (新しい恋のうた)
    7. My Beautiful Life
    8. Life Is Candy Travel (ライフ・イズ・キャンディ・トラベル)
    9. Koi no Express Train (恋のExpress Train)
    10. Route Seven no Kioku (ルートセヴンの記憶)
    11. Kimi to Iru Machi (君といる街)
    12. Negative Girls! (ネガティヴ・ガールズ!)
    13. Attouteki na Style (圧倒的なスタイル)
    14. Party ni Tsuite (パーティーについて。)
    15. Tokimeki no Headliner (ときめきのヘッドライナー)
      – Encore –
    16. Hikari no Spur (光のシュプール)
    17. Sayonara Music (さよならMusic)
  • Disc 2
    • Documentary of Negicco -2014-2015 Winter (冬)-

Video (Trailer)



Live & Life Negicco 2014-15 Winter

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