Lyrical School Oneman Live 2014 at Liquidroom

Lyrical School Oneman Live 2014 at LiquidroomThe concert of Lyrical School entitled lyrical school oneman live 2014 at LIQUIDROOM was released on DVD on January 27.

The tracklist was revealed.

The DVD contains a video of Lyrical School’s solo live held at Liquidroom in Tokyo on November 2, 2014. The members of Lyrical School sang several of their songs, including ones which were released as singles and the ones when the group was known as Tengal6.

It also contains the music videos of the last singles of the idol group.


  • Disc 1
    1. brand new day
    2. tengal6
    3. My Kawaii Nichijoutachi (M y かわいい日常たち)
    4. Kessen wa Friday (決戦はフライデー)
    5. perfect☆kirari (p e r f e c t ☆ キラリ)
    6. Maybe Love
    7. Rubik Cube (ルービックキューブ)
    8. Moshi (もし)
    9. fallin’ night
    10. Shitteru / Shiranai (しってる/ しらない)
    11. Demo (でも)
    12. P.S.
    13. Machigau (まちがう)
    14. Nagareru Toki no You ni (流れる時のように)
    15. Nukegake (抜け駆け)
    16. FRESH !!!
    17. Ribbon wo Kyutto (リボンをきゅっと)
    18. PARADE
    19. Put Your Hands Up! (プチャヘンザ!)
    20. (わらって. n e t)
    21. Akikaza
    22. bye bye
    23. Hitori Bochi no Labyrinth (ひとりぼっちのラビリンス)
    24. Que Sera Sera (ケセラセラ)
    25. Sing, Sing
    26. Oide yo (おいでよ)
    27. photograph
    28. PRIDE
  • Disc 2
    1. Soya Natsu da! (そりゃ夏だ!)
    2. wow♪ –okadada remix–
    3. S.T.A.G.E feat Fukase Chisato (from LinQ) (S.T.A.G.E feat 深瀬智聖 (from LinQ))
  • Music Video
    1. My Kawaii Nichijoutachi (My かわいい日常たち)
    2. brand new day
    3. FRESH ! ! !
    4. PRIDE
  • Editions : DVD

Lyrical School Oneman Live 2014 at Liquidroom

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