Manaminorisa – Mamiri Thunder


Manaminorisa - Mamiri ThunderManaminorisa’s new album Mamiri Thunder (まみりサンダー) has been released on July 24.

The CD contains 5 tracks, including a song featuring Massattack from Spontania / Hasta La Vista.

Only one edition is available.

This mini-album is the first CD released by Manaminorisa for almost a year.


  1. Kirai Janai no (キライじゃないのぉ)
  2. Oshiran Thunder (花魁サンダー) (feat. Massattack)
  3. Polaris Ab (ポラリスAb)
  4. Polaris B (ポラリスB)
  5. Lemon Cider to Natsu Yasumi (レモンサイダーと夏休み)

Music Video (PV)