Michishige Sayumi – SAYUMINGLANDOLL -Shukumei- Original Soundtrack

Michishige Sayumi - SAYUMINGLANDOLL -Shukumei- Original Soundtrack

The new soundtrack by Michishige Sayumi (ex-Morning Musume) was released on July 4th.

It is entitled “SAYUMINGLANDOLL -Shukumei-” Original Soundtrack (「SAYUMINGLANDOLL~宿命~」オリジナルサウンドトラック) and this is the second soundtrack from a solo performance Michishige Sayumi.

It follows the success of SAYUMINGLANDOLL ~Saisei~ in 2017. It takes place from 20 March to 8 July 2018 at the Cotton Club in Tokyo and Osaka STUDIO PARTITA.

The soundtrack of the performance is in the form of a digipak with a booklet of 24 pages. It has been pre-broadcast on the COTTON CLUB website and via e-LineUP! Mall on April 13, 2018 and is available for general sale on July 4th. Those who bought the album on the website from April 13 to April 16, 2018 received a bonus photo 2L from Michishige.

It includes a recovery solo Watashi no Jidai!, a B-side song of the 50th single One · Two · Three / The Matenrou Show of Morning Musume, originally a duet song of Michishige and Reina Tanaka.


  1. SAYUMINGLANDOLL Opening Theme ~Kira Kira wa 1nichi ni Shite Narazu!~ (SAYUMINGLANDOLLオープニングテーマ ~キラキラは1日にして成らず!~)
  2. Asa no fashion show (朝のfashion show)
  3. Jibun ni Mukatte, Wink Hitotsu (自分に向かって、ウインクひとつ)
  4. Arienai Yuuenchi (ありえない遊園地)
  5. Darling, Sabishii na (ダーリン、寂しいな)
  6. Candy Box (キャンディーボックス)
  7. EIGA wo Mite yo (EIGAをみてよ)
  8. Girls Walk (ガールズ ウォーク)
  9. Sunset Drive (サンセットドライブ)
  10. Oishii Wana ni Ki wo Tsukete (美味しい罠に気をつけて)
  11. Endless Night (エンドレスナイト)
  12. I’m only…so lonely lovely girl
  13. Watashi no Jidai! (SAYUMINGLANDOLL ~Shukumei~ Ver.)

Michishige Sayumi - SAYUMINGLANDOLL -Shukumei-