My Rabbits – Usagi-chan Happy


My Rabbits - Usagi-chan HappyMy Rabbits’ debut single Usagi-chan Happy (うさぎちゃんHappy) will be released on June 5.

The single contains 2 songs and their instrumental versions.

The title song was written by Mayu-chan from Cutie Pai.

The coupling track is a cover of Cutie Pai’s song Twururun Telephone (トゥルルンテレフォン).

My Rabbits is a new idol unit consisting of Takao Miyu and Sugimoto Yumi.


  1. Usagi-chan Happy (うさぎちゃんHappy)
  2. Twururun Telephone (トゥルルンテレフォン) (My Rabbits Ver.)
  3. Usagi-chan Happy (うさぎちゃんHappy) (Instrumental)
  4. Twururun Telephone (トゥルルンテレフォン) (Instrumental) (My Rabbits Ver.)

Video (Live)