Negicco – My Color

Negicco - My Color

Negicco‘s new album My Color was released on July 10th!

It is the 4th studio album by the idol group Negicco.

The CD will feature a total of 13 songs; you can find the last two singles of the group : Ai, Kama Shitai no and Calypso Musume ni Hanataba wo.. Most of the songs were written and composed by Connie.

The 2nd CD of the limited edition contains the solo singles of band members released a few months ago : Hoshi no Kakera (by Megu), Ano Musume ga Kurasu Machi (Made Ato Dorekurai ?) (by Kaede) et Nanohana (by Nao☆).

A trailer video for the album was posted.


  • CD
    1. Never Ending Story
    2. Kimi wa Dream (キミはドリーム)
    3. Sumaho ni Utsurana (スマホに写らない)
    4. Ai, Kama Shitai no (愛、かましたいの)
    5. Tell me why?
    6. She’s Gone
    7. Calypso Musume ni Hanataba wo (カリプソ娘に花束を)
    8. Soshite Monogatari wa Iku (そして物語は行く)
    9. Nostalgie (ノスタルジア)
    10. Good day Your Life (kudari ver.)(グッデイ・ユア・ライフ(下りver.))
    11. Glass-iro no Natsu (硝子色の夏)
    12. Shizuku no wa (雫の輪)
    13. 15
  • Limited edition CD2
    1. Nanohana (菜の花) (Nao☆ solo)
    2. Hoshi no Kakera (星のかけら) (Megu solo)
    3. Ano Musume ga Kurasu Machi (Made Ato Dorekurai ?) (あの娘が暮らす街(まであとどれくらい?)) (Kaede solo)
    4. Hajimari no Basho (はじまりの場所) (Negicco)

Music Video (PV)