Niimo – Renai Vibration

NiimoNiimo‘s new single Renai Vibration (恋愛バイブレーション ) will be released on March 11.

This is the 5th single by Niimo, a local idol group from Oita, and their first one since the graduation of Tomoka and Mayu last year.

The MV has been revealed.

It is a catchy and bittersweet pop song about youth and love.

4 editions of the CD are available. The coupling song is different for each one of them.

Moreover, Niimo will participate in various events and lives in Kyushu area and in Tokyo in the upcoming weeks.


  •  Type O
    1. Renai Vibration (恋愛バイブレーション)
    2. Walk
    3. Renai Vibration (Instrumental)
    4. Walk (Instrumental)
  • Type I
    1. Renai Vibration
    2. One Two Kara no Low High (ワンツーカラノローハイ)
    3. Renai Vibration (Instrumental)
    4. One Two Kara no Low High (Instrumental)
  • Type T
    1. Renai Vibration
    2. youth~アオイハルトカク
    3. Renai Vibration (Instrumental)
    4. youth~アオイハルトカク (Instrumental)
  • Type A
    1. Renai Vibration
    2. 24
    3. Renai Vibration (Instrumental)
    4. 24 (Instrumental)
  • Edition : Type OITA

Music Video (PV)