Nishi Erika (AeLL) – Un Jour

Nishi Erika - Un JourNishi Erika (AeLL) will release her debut solo album Un Jour on June 19.

The mini-album contains 6 cover songs from various artists.

Nishi Erika is the leader of AeLL. She is the first member of the idol group to make her solo debut.


  1. Morning Kiss (Junk Fukiyama)
  2. Gift ~Anata wa Madonna~ (Gift~あなたはマドンナ~) (Toki Asako)
  3. Koi no Cider (恋のサイダー) (Ryusenkei)
  4. Mizuiro no Ame (みずいろの雨) (Yagami Junko)
  5. Mayonaka no Door (真夜中のドア) (Matsubara Miki)
  6. Tokai (都会) (Onuki Taeko)

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