Nogizaka46’s new sister group : Toriizaka46


Toriizaka46 (鳥居坂46)Producer Akimoto Yashushi announced in late June the creation of Nogizaka46‘s new sister group : Toriizaka46 (鳥居坂46).

The auditions for recruiting new members began.

The producer is searching for girls aged between 12 and 20.

The registration period of auditions run from June 28 until August 21, 2015, the day that Nogizaka46 was formed.

The new idol group will be alongside with Nogizaka46 under the label Sony Music Entertainment Japan.

The candidates can apply on Sony Music Japan website below :

Toriizaka46 name was derived from the name of the Toriizaka sloped road, next to Zepp Blue Theater where members of Nogizaka46 hold their activities.

Nogizaka46 is originally the official rival group of the popular idol group AKB48, founded by the same producer.

Toriizaka46 (鳥居坂46)