N☆RNiR (ノニエル ; Nornir)N☆RNiR (ノニエル) will release their new single JJ on October 21st.

This is the major label debut single of N☆RNiR, pronounced “NoRNiR”, under Crown Tokuma.

The song was written by Yamazaki Yo, who is known for being the composer of AKB48’s Heavy Rotation.

Check out the video recorded during a live performance of the idol group at Shibuya Club Quattro.

3 editions are available. The coupling song is different for each CD.

Furthermore, Tsuchiyama Sana announced her graduation from N☆RNiR in the beginning of October.

The idol group is now consisting of 2 regular members, Tsurumaki Seina and Ebihara Airi, and 2 support members, Imai Ami et Imai Chisa.


  • Happy
    1. JJ
    2. Kono Mune Ippai no Happy (この胸いっぱいのHappy)
  • Sweet
    1. JJ
    2. Sweet Emotion
  • Just Now
    1. JJ
    2. Ima Kita Bakkari (今来たばっかり)

Video (Live)

N☆RNiR (ノニエル ; Nornir)