Oha Girl Chu! Chu! Chu! – Yume Fuusen


Oha Girl Chu! Chu! Chu! (おはガールちゅ!ちゅ!ちゅ!)Oha Girl Chu! Chu! Chu! will release their new single Yume Fuusen (夢ふうせん) on November 5.

It is the 5th single from Oha Girl Chu! Chu! Chu!.

6 editions are available.

The regular editions come with a character sticker.

The limited editions include a DVD with the music video and other bonus footage. They also come with 12 trading cards or a mini-photobook.


  • CD
    1. Yume Fuusen (夢ふうせん)
    2. Kuripure! (クリプレ!)
    3. Yume Fuusen (夢ふうせん) (Instrumental)
    4. Kuripure! (クリプレ!) Instrumental)
  • DVD (Type D)
    1. Yume Fuusen (夢ふうせん) (Music Video)
    2. Chu! tto Kotaemachu! 5 (ちゅ!っと答えまちゅ!5)
  • DVD (Type E)
    1. Yume Fuusen (夢ふうせん) (Music Video)
    2. Natsu Thank You!!! 2013 ~Isshou no Takaramono~ (夏サンキュ!!! 2013 ~一生の宝物~)
    3. Chu! Chu! Chu! no Happy! Happy! Happy Birthday! (ちゅ!ちゅ!ちゅ!のハピ!ハピ!ハピバースデー!)
  • DVD (Type F)
    1. Yume Fuusen (夢ふうせん) (Music Video)
    2. Yume Fuusen (夢ふうせん) (Making-of)

Music Video (PV)