SKE48 – Kakumei no Oka

SKE48 - Kakumei no OkaSKE48 released their new album Kakumei no Oka (革命の丘) on February 22.

This is the 2nd album of SKE48. They had not released albums for 5 years.

Check out the MV for the idol group’s new song Natsu yo, Isoge!.


Terashima Yufu – Tenshi no Telepathy

Terashima Yufu - Tenshi no TelepathyTerashima Yufu unveils her upcoming single Tenshi no Telepathy (天使のテレパシー) to release on March 22.

This is the 6th single of the former member of BiS.

The short versions of the MVs were also unveiled.


Jyu Jyu – Kuro Ito

Jyu Jyu - Kuro ItoThe new single of Jyu Jyu entitled Kuro Ito (黒糸) will be released on March 14.

This is the 5th single of the gloomy idol group.

In the video clip that you can see below, the girls are in a room of what appears to be an antique mansion, Jyujyu spin and sway under flickering lights, their glance upon enchanted mirrors and portraits, while their hypnotic vocals become entwined with the gloomy instrumentation.


Especia – Wizard

Especia - WizardBefore ending their activities, Especia will release their new album Wizard on March 22.

This is a best-of album of the idol group. This will be the last record of Especia to be released before their break-up in March.

The cover of the album illustrates a landscape under a sunrise or sunset with a UFO in the air, surely ready to go. One can interpret this image as a metaphor with the graduation and departure of Especia members.


Moso Calibration – Geki Yaba∞Bokkan!!

Moso Calibration - Geki Yaba∞Bokkan!!Moso Calibration will release their 4th major single Geki Yaba∞Bokkan!! (激ヤバ∞ボッカーン!!) on March 8.

Unfortunately, this single was recorded without Futaba Nae who is recovering from unspecified health issues since last December.

The main song serves as the new ending theme song for the anime series Time Bokan 24. A special edition will be on sale.


Necronomidol – Deathless

Necronomidol (ネクロノマイドル)Necronomidol released their 2nd album Deathless on February 22.

They also unveiled the MV for the song Ithaqua. In this one, Necronomidol are in a forest, standing in the deep snow, and their voices echo hauntingly through the freezing winter air alongside the atmospheric sound of black metal.

This is the first album featuring new members Imaizumi Rei and Tsukishiro Himari.