Hirota Aika announced her graduation from Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku

Hirota Aika (廣田あいか) - Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku (私立恵比寿中学)Hirota Aika announced her graduation from Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku.

This annoncement was made on August 31 at LINE LIVE during a Ebichu’s concert.

According to the official website, this is being described as “changing schools”, playing off the fact that Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku is described to fans as a school and members as students. However, “changing schools” seems to simply be a light way of saying that Hirota has decided to leave the group.


Petit Milady – Petit Miretta

Petit Milady - Petit MirettaPetit Milady are back this year with a new album.

Their 4th album Petit Miretta will be released on September 20th.

It contains brand-new songs since Petit Milady haven’t released any singles this year.

Check out the MV for Boku no Tinker Bell below!


Shinozaki Ai – Floatin’ Like The Moon

Shinozaki Ai - Floatin' Like The MoonShinozaki Ai will release her new single Floatin ‘Like The Moon on September 6.

It is the 3rd single by Shinozaki Ai, the former member of AeLL.

The single will be sold in regular and limited edition.

The short version of the was unveiled.


Flower – Taiyou no Elegy

Flower - Taiyou no ElegyThe new single of Flower was released on August 23.

It will be titled Taiyou no Elegy (たいようの哀悼歌(エレジー)).

The song Taiyou no Elegy is the new theme song for the animated series Altair: A Record of Battles An adaptation of the manga shounen Altaïr (将国のアルタイル, Shoukoku no Altair).

Watch the MV of the main song below.


4 new members joined Iketeru Hearts

Iketeru Hearts (イケてるハーツ)Iketeru Hearts welcomed 4 new girls this August.

The announcement was done on August 19, at the idol group’s recent live performance ~Dreaming Love Kimi no Moto e~ at Shibuya duo MUSIC EXCHANGE.

The 4 new girls who joined Iketeru Hearts are: Aise Risako, Imai Aki, Koizumi Shiika and Shiroki Leia.

Discover their profile pictures below.


La PomPon – Feel fine! / Mr. Lonely Boy

La PomPon - Feel fine! / Mr. Lonely BoyThe new single of La PomPon will be released on August 30.

It will be entitled Feel fine! / Mr. Lonely Boy and will contain a double A-side.

It’s the 6th single by the idol group La PomPon.

In the MV, the members of La PomPon are in a colorful seaside beach house estate and perform an energetic choreography. The theme of the song is summer.


Suto Ririka leaves NMB48 and is going to study abroad

Suto Ririka (須藤凜々花) - NMB48Two months ago, day to day, Suto Ririka announced her graduation from NMB48.

The date of her graduation will be August 30.

Suto Ririka had announced, on last June 17, her engagement. Although little details about her marriage have been released at this time, it seems the reactions from fans have been rather mixed. Some mention how she stole the spotlight, while others are surprised that she would reveal this without announcing her graduation first.