Afilia Saga East – Survive!!

Afilia Saga East

Afilia Saga East’s 9th single Survive!! will be released on November 13.

The songs are used as opening and ending themes for PS3/PSP video game Akatsuki no Goei: Trinity (暁の護衛 トリニティ).

The limited editions include a DVD featuring music videos and bonus video footage.


Shinoda Mariko – Mariko-sama no Orikousama! 3

Sinoda Mariko (AK48) - Mariko-sama no Orikousama!The 3rd DVD of the TV show Mariko-sama no Orikosama! (麻里子さまのおりこうさま!) hosted by Shinoda Mariko (AKB48) will be released on December 19.

The show is an educational program aired on NHK.

The DVD includes the episodes broadcasted between April and September, 2012.


Super Girls, Dream5 and E-Girls at Tokyo Girls Collection 2012 Autumn/Winter

Tokyo Girls CollectionSuper☆Girls and Shigemoto Kotori (Dream5) will participate in Tokyo Girls Collection at Saitama Super Arena as guests. Ami (E-Girls, Dream) will parade as a main model.

The 15th Tokyo Girls Collection 2012 Autumn/Winter (第15回 東京ガールズコレクション 2012 Autumn/Winter) will be held on October 13. Its theme is “Tokyo Classic”.


Up Up Girls 2nd Live in Roppongi

Up Up Girls

Up Up Girls will hold Up Up Girls 2nd Live in Roppongi (アップアップガールズ(仮) 2nd Live 六本木).

The concert will take place on December 15 at Laforet Museum, Tokyo.

2 stages will be performed, one in the afternoon and another in the evening.



AKB48+MeAKB48+Me video game will be released on October 25.

It will be available on Nintendo 3DS.

The game is an idol training simulation. The player has the role of a Kenkyuusei who is trying to join AKB48. He participates in different activities : live performances, dance…

The main members of AKB48 are represented as Mii characters. 12 songs are included.


Super Girls × Love Perfume (Jeanne Arthes)

Super☆Girls × Jeanne Arthes - Love PerfumeSuper☆Girls are going to promote Jeanne Arthes (ジャンヌ・アルテス) fragrance brand via Love Perfume.

They lead a campaign called Fure! Fure! Fragrance! (フレ!フレ!フレグランス!) from October 1.

It started with Arai Reira lending her image to Sultane Fairy Rose (スルタン フェアリーローズ) perfume.