hy4_4yh – Tama Free!

hy4_4yh - Tama Free!hy4_4yh’s single Tama Free! will be released on October 3.

Tama Free! is an original song used as image song for TBS Radio program Rhymester Utamaru no Weekend Shuffle (ライムスター宇多丸のウィークエンド・シャッフル).

The CD is a limited edition that will be sold exclusively in HMV stores and website.


Super Girls – Akai Jounetsu

Super☆Girls - Akai JounetsuSuper☆Girls’ 6th single Akai Jounetsu (赤い情熱) will be released on October 24.

Limited Editions contain either a DVD featuring music video or switch vocal version of Super☆Girls’ previous single Joshiryoku ← Paradise (女子力←パラダイス).

Regular Edition includes instrumental versions.


Morning Musume Worldwide Handshake Events

Hello! Project 15th AnniversaryMorning Musume Worldwide Handshake Events will be held between October 15-30 in Taiwan, in Thailand, and in France.

To participate, you have to check the information in the taiwanese, thai or french version of Morning Musume’s 13th album ⑬ Colorful Character.

As part of Hello! Project 15th Anniversary ~Thank You~ Worldwide Handshake Events, other Hello! Project artists will meet their fans across the world.


AeLL at i-Pop Festival Anniversary Special Live

i-Pop FestivalAeLL will perform at i-Pop Festival Anniversary Special Live (i-pop フェスティバル アニバーサリー スペシャルライブ) on September 22 at Ikebukuro Sunshine City in Tokyo.

Tokyo Girls’ Style will also participate in the event.


Morning Musume 11th Generation – Oda Sakura

Oda Sakura (Morning Musume)

Oda Sakura, 13 years old, has been selected as the only member of Morning Musume’s 11th generation.

She was part of Hello! Pro Kenshuusei (formerly Hello! Pro Egg) since November 2011.

More than 7000 candidates attended the audition. It had started in May and was called Suppin Utahime (スッピン歌姫).

The result of the audition was announced on the 15th anniversary of Morning Musume.


Idol Matsuri in Sendai ~Oo. Kinmokusei no Kaori ni Notte .oO Idol Dai Shuugou !!~

Idol Matsuri in Sendai ~Oo. Kinmokusei no Kaori ni Notte .oO Idol Dai Shuugou !!~ (緊急決定!! まだまだあついぞアイドル祭り in 仙台~Oo.きんもくせいの香りにのって.oOアイドル大集合!!~) will be held on September 23 at Live House Darwin.

Shizukaze & Kizuna, AeLL, Techpri, Smile Gakuen, and other idol groups will perform at the live.


Live Cafe RYUTist Vol.3


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Live Cafe RYUTist Vol.3 (ライヴ版 Cafe RYUTist vol.3) will be held on September 29 at Gioia Mia in Niigata.