5 members of Nogizaka46 held their coming-of-age ceremony

Nogizaka46 Coming-of-age Ceremony 2017Nogizaka46 members Ikuta Erika, Kitano Hinako, Saito Chiharu, Nakamoto Himeka and Hori Miona held their coming-of-age ceremony (成人式, seijin shiki).

The ceremony took place on January 7 at Nogi Shrine in Tokyo. The 5 members of the idol group, who were born in 1996 and in early 1997, were wearing beautiful kimonos and holding Japanese traditional accessories.

Check out some photos of the event.


Iwasa Misaki – Saba Kaidou

Iwasa Misaki - Saba KaidouIwasa Misaki begins the year 2017 with a new single entitiled Saba Kaidou (鯖街道).

It’s the 6th single of the former AKB48 member. It will be released on January 10.

The short version of the MV was posted last December.


Tsuri Bit – My Victory

Tsuri Bit - My VictoryTsuri Bit will release their single My Victory on February 1st.

This is the 2nd digital single of the idol group.

The single will be available for legal download on iTunes store.

The MVs for the song have been unveiled.


Tsukishiro Himari new member of Necronomidol

Necronomidol (ネクロノマイドル)Necronomidol announces the arrival of new member Tsukishiro Himari.

Necronomidol’s 2017 kickoff event A New Dark Age Dawns, to be held on January 5 at Meguro’s Rokumeikan, will be the first live performance of new member Tsukishiro Himari. The idol group will also unveil new uniforms and several new songs at the show along with the announcement of a number of new projects for 2017.


Maeda Yuki – Sarasara no Kawa (Day in History)

Maeda Yuki - Sarasara no KawaSarasara no Kawa (さらさらの川) is the 5th single released by Maeda Yuki on January 1, 2004.

The lead song was featured on Hello! Project’s album Petit Best 5.

Maeda Yuki is an enka singer who belonged to Hello! Project until her graduation in 2009. She remained active from 2000 to 2012.


NMB48 – Boku Igai no Dareka

NMB48 - Boku Igai no DarekaThe 16th single by NMB48 entitled Boku no Igai Dareka (僕以外の誰か) was released on December 28.

The short versions of the MVs were unveiled.


Jankenmin – Sakasazaka

Jankenmin - SakasazakaThe 1st single from Jankenmin will be released on December 21st.

It is entitled Sakasazaka (逆さ坂).

Jankenmin is a special unit from AKB48. It is from the AKB48 2016 Janken Tournament.

The members of the idol group are: Komiyama Haruka, Shibuya Nagisa, Takeuchi Saki (SKE48), Tanabe Miku, Nozawa Rena, Fukuoka Seina and Yumoto Ami.


Graduation of Ayaka, Ami and Mei from Lyrical School

Ayaka, Ami, Mei - lyrical schoolAyaka, Ami and Mei announced their graduation from Lyrical School in February 2017.

This announcement was made on December 21st.

The date of the graduation ceremony and the last concert of these members will be revealed later.

The members decided to leave the group because of their age (26 and 25), and to rejuvenate the idol group by giving way to younger members in the future.