Negicco at Daikanyama Loop 4th Anniversary


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Negicco will perform at Sauetoroyoshi to Negicco to ~Daikanyama Loop 4th Anniversary~ (サ上とロ吉とNegiccoと~Daikanyama Loop 4th Anniversary~) live.

The event will be held on November 4 at Daikanyama Loop in Tokyo.


Super Girls at Wakasugi Festival 2012

Wakasugi Festival 2012Super☆Girls will perform at Aki no Kara Kaze Concert (秋のからっ風こんさぁと) in Wakasugi Festival 2012 (若杉祭).

The event will be held on November 4 at Nihon Kougyou Daigaku Gakunai Tokusetsu Okugai Stage (日本工業大学 学内 特設屋外ステージ) in Saitama.


The Morning Musume 7 ~Single M Clips~

The Morning Musume 7 ~Single M Clips~The Morning Musume 7 ~Single M Clips~ (ザ・モーニング娘。7 ~シングルMクリップス~) will be released on DVD on November 14.

It features music videos of their singles from Only You to the latest one Wakuteka Take a Chance.


Tanaka Mirei (Super Girls) × Hana Girl

Tanaka Mirei (Super☆Girls) × Hana GirlTanaka Mirei (Super☆Girls) participated in a project in collaboration with Hana Girl (Hanaガール).

This project aims to enhance the beauty of girls and flowers.

Some photos and a video have been published online.


Passpo at Shibufes Zenyasai


Passpo☆, Amoyamo, and Heavenstamp will participate in Shibufes Zenyasai (シブフェス 前夜祭).

The live will be held on October 19 at Shibuya WWW in Tokyo.


Idoling!!! – Nicohachi Live

Nicohachi LiveIdoling!!! will hold Nicohachi Live (ニコはちライブ) on October 13.

The event will be broadcasted on Nico Nico Douga via pay-per-view streaming.


Idol Graffiti Vol.2

Idol☆Graffiti Vol.2Vanilla Beans, Dorothy Little Happy, hy4_4yh, and RYUTist will perform at IdolGraffiti Vol.2 (アイドルグラフティー Vol.2).

The live will be held on October 28 at Live Space The Planet in Niigata.