Watanabe Mayu – Otona Jelly Beans

Watanabe Mayu - Otona Jelly BeansWatanabe Mayu’s 2nd single Otona Jelly Beans (大人ジェリービーンズ) will be released on July 25.

The CD contains 3 songs plus instrumental versions.

The limited editions include a bonus DVD featuring music video, making-of, and other video footage.


The Possible – Nanja Korya?!

The Possible - Nanja Korya!?The Possible’s 5th single Nanja Korya?! (なんじゃ こりゃ?!) will be released on August 28.

The single comes with a trading card randomly selected from 36 kinds and a cover artwork of the members.

The limited editions include an additional track performed solo a cappella by each member.


AKB48 – 1830m

AKB48 - 1830mAKB48’s 2nd studio album 1830m will be released on August 15.

The album includes 2 CD. CD1 contains tracks from last singles and songs previously only performed on stages.  CD2 contains 16 new songs and Sakura no Hanabiratachi solo version by Maeda Atsuko.

It comes with a DVD featuring choregraphy videos, a 48-page photobook and a random photo of a member.

The title 1830m refers to the distance between AKB48 Theater and Tokyo Dome where they will hold concerts from August 24 to August 26.


Tokunaga Chinami on Twitter

Tokunaga ChinamiTokunaga Chinami (Berryz Kobo) has opened an official Twitter account.

She is the first member of the idol group to have an account on the social network.


Idoling!!! – One Up!!! / Ichigo Gyuunyuu

Idoling!!! - One Up!!! / Ichigo GyūnyūIdoling!!!’s 18th single One Up!!! / Ichigo Gyuunyuu (One Up!!! / 苺牛乳) will be released on August 8.

This is a double A-side single.

The limited editions include a bonus DVD or Blu-ray featuring music videos.


S/mileage – Suki Yo, Junjou Hankouki

S/mileage - Suki Yo, Junjou HankoukiS/mileage’s 11th single Suki Yo, Junjou Hankouki (好きよ、純情反抗期。) will be released on August 22.

The limited editions include a bonus DVD featuring different versions of the music video.