Palet – Seven Destiny


Palet - Seven DestinyPalet‘s new album Seven Destiny will be released on March 6.

This is the 2nd mini-album from Palet. It contains 7 songs.

The MV has been released.

The song Shouri no Seal (勝利のシール) will be the theme song for the TV shows Guruguru Ninety-Nine (ぐるぐるナインティナイン) and Onryumon Baby Dragon’s Gate (「音龍門」Baby Dragon’s Gate) aired on Nippon Television (NTV).


  1. Shouri no Seal (勝利のシール)
  2. Celebration ~Tokimeki Good Time~ (Celebration~トキメキ Good Time~)
  3. My First Lover (マイ・ファースト・ラヴァー)
  4. Sugiteiku Subete ni (過ぎていく全てに)
  5. Give You Love♡
  6. Runner
  7. Namida Hitotsubu (涙一粒)

Music Video (PV)