Passpo☆ – Cinema Trip


Passpo☆ - Cinema TripPasspo☆ released their 5th album Cinema Trip on February 15.

You can find the latest singles of the idol group like: Mr. Wednesday, Bachelorette wa Owaranai and Gimme Gimme Action / Love Refrain.

The MV PlayGround was unveiled.

The album reached 20th rank in Oricon chart.

The album is sold in two editions. The DVD of edition A contains the music video.


  • CD
    1. Popcorn bought?
    2. Music Navigation
    3. 7’s Up (Cinema Trip Ver.)
    4. PlayGround
    5. Mr. Wednesday
    6. Love Refrain (ラブリフレイン)
    7. Nasa! ~Nan de Aistu Suki Nan da, Aa~ (NASA! ~なんであいつ好きなんだ、嗚呼~ )
    8. Fukutsu no Rejisutansu  (不屈のレジスタンス)
    9. Weekday Queens
    10. My no Ri Tea e Low (マイノリティー・ヒーロー)
    11. Gimme Gimme Action (ギミギミaction)
    12. Film (フィルム)
    13. Bachelorette wa Owaranai (バチェロレッテは終わらない)
  • DVD
    1. PlayGround (Music Video)
  • Editions : Type A / B

Music Video (PV)

Passpo☆ - Cinema Trip

Passpo☆ - Cinema Trip