Pottya – Po Po Po Pocha Rinko


Pottya - Po Po Po Pocha RinkoThe new single of Pottya entitled Po・Po・Po・Pocha Rinko☆ (ポ・ポ・ポ・ポチャりん子☆) is on sale as digital single since January 28.

Pottya (ポッチャ) is a new idol group formed at the end of the previous year. It is composed of 5 members : Oki Risa, Indo Maiko, Yokokawa Mai, Tdukada Emi, Osashi Michiko. It gets a particular concept which is the “chubby girl”. The group is indeed composed of body weight girl above the norm. The group has an average weight of 76 kg (167,2 lbs) and combined weight of 380kg. This idol group was created to encourage the “chubby” girls to fulfill their dreams as idols.

Pottya held its first press conference on last January 15 at LIVE GATE TOKYO, where it was annonced that Pottya would make its major debut under For Life Music Entertainment.

Discover below the music video of the new song in short version.


  1. Po • Po • Po • Pocha Rinko☆ (ポ・ポ・ポ・ポチャりん子☆)

Music Video (PV)

Pottya - Po Po Po Pocha Rinko