Prizmmy☆ and Prism Mates to disband


Prizmmy☆Prizmmy☆ and their sister group Prism Mates are going to stop activities at the end of March 2017.

The reason given by both idol groups is that members want to expand activities to go towards their dreams.

They will release a last album entitled Prizmmy☆ The Best!! on February 22, 2017.

Reina commented : « The last 6 years were the best. That was great to meet you. Thank you very much for the warm support. »

Prizmmy☆ is a dance and vocal unit created to perform the theme songs of the anime Pretty Rhythm (プリティーリズム). Their debut single Everybody’s Gonna Be Happy was released in March 2012.

Their last album will contain 29 songs, including new ones, by Prizmmy☆ and Prism Mates.

It will come with a DVD featuring all the music videos from their previous singles.

Furthermore, Prizmmy☆ & Prism Mates ~Overclock Live!!~ will be held on December 30 at Kichijojo Club Seata in Tokyo.

Prizmmy☆ Prizmmy☆

Prism Mates (プリズム☆メイツ) Prism Mates (プリズム☆メイツ)



  1. Olzzen Jan G Tanoy

    Continue to dream Prizmmy and prisim box….i will wait your final album i hope i found your solo performance..we will keep cheering on all of you…my dream to is to join an girl group…soon…


    1. Aleah-Lyn Rivo Bautista

      Same… I will also keep on cheering on them. And their songs will always be in my heart.

      I also want to join a girl group.

      Are you also from the Philippines? I am.

  2. Ron Jason Hinal

    Prizmmy songs made me really happy,I’ll never fotget you all,even you’re going to disband,your songs,memory,and happiness that you bought will live forever on thank you prizmmy,for everything…

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