Rev. from DVL – Love -Arigatou-


Rev. from DVL - Love -Arigatou-Rev. from DVL‘s new single Love -Arigatou- will be released on April 16.

This is the major debut single of Rev. from DVL. The unit is lead by the “angelic” idol Hashimoto Kanna.

The MV has been released.

In addition, Love -Arigatou- is the CM song for the first promotional campaign featuring Hashimoto Kanna and Rev. from DVL.

2 CD+DVD editions are on sale. The CD contains 3 songs and their instrumental versions. The 3rd track is different for each edition. They include a DVD with the music video, making-of and bonus footage.

There are also 6 Web editions of the single available on Chara-Ani Chance (キャラアニチャンス).

It comes with a ticket for a high-five event with the members of Rev. from DVL.


  • Type A
    • CD
      1. Love -Arigatou-
      2. Ai ni Kinshai (逢いにきんしゃい)
      3. Rarirurero Love (らりるれろLove)
      4. Love -Arigatou- (Instrumental)
      5. Ai ni Kinshai (逢いにきんしゃい) (Instrumental)
      6. Rarirurero Love (らりるれろLove) (Instrumental)
    • DVD
      1. Love -Arigatou- (Music Video)
      2. Love -Arigatou- (Making of)
      3. Rev. from DVL no Jikoshoukai Part 1 (Rev.from DVLの自己紹介)
  • Type B
    • CD
      1. Love -Arigatou-
      2. Ai ni Kinshai (逢いにきんしゃい)
      3. Wanna Be
      4. Love -Arigatou- (Instrumental)
      5. Ai ni Kinshai (逢いにきんしゃい) (Instrumental)
      6. Wanna Be (らりるれろLove) (Instrumental)
    • DVD
      1. Ai ni Kinshai (逢いにきんしゃい) (Music Video)
      2. Ai ni Kinshai (逢いにきんしゃい) (Making of)
      3. Rev. from DVL no Jikoshoukai Part 2 (Rev.from DVLの自己紹介)

Music Video (PV)

Rev. from DVL



  1. KannaLuv

    The singles are available on iTunes USA and iTunes JP.

  2. Améthy$te

    Ce groupe me fait penser aux AKB48 ! =)

    1. Tetho (Post author)

      Je leur souhaite la même réussite.

      1. Améthy$te

        Moi aussi. J’ai vu sur leur site ifficiel qu’un deuxième single pourrait sortir. Ça s’appelle Do my best!!. Après je ne sais pas trop.

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