Rev. from DVL – Real / Koi Iro Passion

Rev. from DVL - Real / Koi Iro PassionRev. from DVL‘s new single Real / Koi Iro Passion (Real-リアル- / 恋色パッション) wil be released on December 3rd.

It is the 3rd single of Rev. from DVL and the first one of the idol group with a double A-side.

The MV has been unveiled.

Several versions of the single, with different covers, are available : a regular, a limited and a special edition (the B-side tracks are different depending on the version).

The regular edition has only one CD. The limited editions inclut a bonus DVD (with the music video and its dance version, the making-of, and the choreography of the coupling song).

The special editions comes with a booklet and a lottery ticket to participate in an event of the idol group.

Furthermore, Hashimoto Kanna’s 1st photobook Little Star ~Kanna 15~ will be on sale on November 14th.


  • Regular Edition
    • CD
      1. Real (リアル)
      2. Koi Iro Passion (恋色パッション)
      3. Live & Peace
      4. Gai Kanjou-sen (外環状線)
      5. Real (Instrumental)
      6. Koi Iro Passion (Instrumental)
      7. Live & Peace (Instrumental)
      8. Gai Kanjou-sen (Instrumental)
  • Limited Edition
    • CD
      1. Real
      2. Koi Iro Passion
      3. Tsukanoma no Koufuku-ron (束の間の幸福論)
      4. Real (Instrumental)
      5. Koi Iro Passion (Instrumental)
      6. Tsukanoma no Koufuku-ron (Instrumental)
    • DVD
      1. Real (Music Video)
      2. Real (Clip Dance ver.)
      3. Making-of (ミュージックビデオ メイキング映像)
      4. Koi Iro Passion (Choregraphy Video)
  • Special Edition
    • CD
      1. Koi Iro Passion
      2. Real
      3. Koi no Monster (恋のMonster)
      4. Koi Iro Passion (Instrumental)
      5. Real (Instrumental)
      6. Koi no Monster (Instrumental)
    • Bonus
      1. Booklet
      2. Event Sanka-ken ※ Shousai wa Gojitsu Happyou (イベント参加券 ※詳細は後日発表)
      3. “Aikatsu!” Original Card (「アイカツ!」オリジナルカード)

Music Video (PV)

Rev. from DVL - Real / Koi Iro Passion

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