Two members left Rhymeberry


RhymeberryThe idol group Rhymeberry announced on February 26 that the members MC HIME and DJ HIKARU have suddenly graduated from the idol  group.

A new girl, MISAKI (ex Aither), joined the only remaining member MC MIRI.

It was sudden and unexpected, there was no public graduation ceremony for these members.

Rhymeberry held its recent performance on March 1st with possible new members on the stage. It even would seem that fans were confused by this sudden change under the group and the March 1st’s performance was being anticipated with mixed feelings from the spectators.

No future plan has been announced but MC MIRI plans to keep the group.

The producer Kuwashima Yoshikazu has also left the unit.

Furthermore, Rhymeberry recenty opened its new official website :


MC Miri (Rhymeberry)




  1. Mandy Dieng

    Aïe! Ça a dû faire un choc aux pauvres fans! Rien n’avait été annoncée d’avance.

    Les membres ont vraiment été diplômées ou plutôt licenciées ?

    1. Améthy$te (Post author)

      Aucune information supplémentaire n’a été donnée. On dit que DJ HIKARU et MC HIME ont été diplômées et non licienciées. Si c’était le cas, elle ne mériteraient pas une remise de diplôme… :-/

      1. yama

        Dans le monde des idols une remise de diplôme cache souvent un licenciement.

        1. Améthy$te (Post author)

          C’est vrai, je n’y avais pas pensé.

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