Rizumu – Happy Love

Rizumu - Happy LoveRizumu’s 2nd album Happy Love will be released on February 6.

The album contains 10 songs, including many of Rizumu’s latest singles.


  1. Tomato no Kimochi (トマトの気持ち)
  2. Go to Journey ~Clover to Pistol~ (Go to Journey ~クローバーとピストル~)
  3. Happy Love
  4. Sakura Machi, Kimi wo Matsu (桜待ち、君を待つ)
  5. Natsu ni Mita Yume (夏に見た夢)
  6. Ijou no L! (以上のL!)
  7. Kanojo no Tanjoubi (彼女の誕生日)
  8. Kimi no Inai Sekai (君のいない世界)
  9. Haru Urei Sakura Saku (春愁い桜咲く) (Rizumu Version)
  10. Kibou ~New Departure~ (希望 ~new departure ~) (Piano Version)

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