RYUTist – Tetsugaku Suru no Da


RYUTist - Tetsugaku Suru no DaRYUTist‘s new single Tetsugaku Suru no Da (哲学するのだ) will be released on May 26.

The CD contains only one song and its instrumental version.

This single is their first release in 6 months.

Check out the trailer from their live performance.

Moreover, they will hold Cafe RYUTist vol.4 ~Touban wa Tomochy~ (~当番はともちぃ~) on May 25 at Gioiamia, and RYUTist Home Live #83 at NGS Square on May 26 in Niigata.


  1. Tetsugaku Suru no Da (哲学するのだ)
  2. Tetsugaku Suru no Da (哲学するのだ) (Minus RYUTist)

Video (Trailer)