Sakura Gakuin The Road to Graduation 2013

Sakura Gakuin The Road to Graduation 2013Sakura Gakuin The Road to Graduation 2013 will be released on DVD on July 23.

Sakura Gakuin and their sub-units Pastel Wind, Mini-Patissier and Kyuumei Kikou Logica? participated in this live performance.

It includes the graduation ceremony of Horiuchi Marina, Iida Raura, Sugisaki Nene, and Sato Hinata.

The trailer has been unveiled.

The concert was held on March 28, 2014 at Shibuya-AX in Tokyo.

The DVD box set includes 2 discs.

Moreover, the idol group’s 4th album Sakura Gakuin 2013 Nendo ~Kizuna~ is on sale since March 12.


  • Disc 1 : The Road to Graduation 2013 ~Houkago Anthology Minna de Wasshoi!~ (~放課後アンソロジーみんなでわっしょい!~)
    1. Time (チャイム)
    2. Hana*Hana
    3. Ganbare!! (顔笑れ!!)
    4. Fly Away
    5. Otomegokoro (オトメゴコロ。)
    6. Wonderful Journey
    7. Makeruna! Seishun Hizakozou (負けるな! 青春ヒザコゾウ)
    8. Capsule Scope
    9. Magic Melody
    10. Marshmallow Iro no Kimi to (マシュマロ色の君と)
    11. Friends
    12. Mikansei Silhouette (未完成シルエット)
      13. Jump Up ~Chiisana Yuuki~ (Jump Up ~小さな勇気~)
  • Disc 2 : The Road to Graduation Final ~Sakura Gakuin 2013 Nendo Sotsugyou~ (~さくら学院 2013年度卒業~)
    1. School days
    2. Mezase! Superlady -2013- (目指せ!スーパーレディー -2013年度-)
    3. Makeruna! Seishun Hizakozou (負けるな! 青春ヒザコゾウ)
    4. Verishuvi (ベリシュビッッ)
    5. Scoreboard ni Love ga Aru (スコアボードにラブがある) / Pastel Wind
    6. Yosouijou no Smash (予想以上のスマッシュ) / Pastel Wind
    7. Kagaku-bu Kagaku Kyuumei Kikou Logica? ~Special Medley (科学部 科学究明機構ロヂカ?~Special Medley~) / Kagaku Kyuumei Kikou Logica?
    8. Acha! Cha! Curry (あちゃ!ちゃ!カリー) (Mini-Patissier
    9. Shanari w(しゃなりはんなりどら焼き姫) / Mini-Patissier
    10. Friends ~Unplugged 2013~
    11. Mikansei Silhouette (未完成シルエット)
    12. I・J・I
    13. Sleep Wonder (スリープワンダー)
    14. My Graduation Toss
    15. Jump Up ~Chiisana Yuuki~ (Jump Up ~ちいさな勇気~)
    16. message
      ~Sakura Gakuin 2013 Graduation Ceremony~ (~さくら学院 2013年度 卒業式~)
    17. Tabidachi no Hi ni (旅立ちの日に) ~J-Mix 2013~
    18. Yume no Muka (夢に向かっ)

Trailer (Video)

Sakura Gakuin The Road to Graduation 2013

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