SKE48 Team KII 3rd Stage Ramune no Nomikata

SKE48SKE48 Team KII 3rd Stage Ramune no Nomikata (ラムネの飲み方) will be released on DVD on November 16.

This stage is performed by SKE48 since October 1, 2010. It consists of 17 songs and a medley.

Set list

  1. Overture (SKE48 ver.)
  2. Kizashi (兆し)
  3. Koutei no Koinu (校庭の仔犬)
  4. Disco Hokenshitsu (ディスコ保健室)
  5. Omatase Set list (お待たせSet list)
  6. Cross (クロス)
  7. Finland Miracle (フィンランド・ミラクル)
  8. Manazashi Sayonara (眼差しサヨナラ)
  9. Usotsuki na Dachou (嘘つきなダチョウ)
  10. Nice to Meet You!
  11. Kodoku na Ballerina (孤独なバレリーナ)
  12. Ima Kimi to Irareru Koto (今 君といられること)
  13. Winning Ball (ウィニングボール)
  14. Akushu no Ai (握手の愛)
    – Encore –
  15. Bowling Ganbou (ボウリング願望)
  16. 16-shoku no Yume Crayon (16色の夢クレヨン)
  17. Ramune no Nomikata (ラムネの飲み方)
  18. Medley (メドレー5曲)

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