S/mileage – Samui ne


S/mileage - Samui neS/mileage’s 12th single Samui ne (寒いね。) will be released on November 28.

The limited editions include a bonus DVD featuring different versions of the music video.

Samui ne is a love song.


  • CD
    1. Samui ne. (寒いね。)
    2. Watashi, Choito Kawaii Urabanchou (私、ちょいとかわいい裏番長)
    3. Samui ne. (寒いね。) (Instrumental)
  • DVD (Limited Edition Type A)
    1. Samui ne. (Yuki ni Negai wo. Ver.) (寒いね。(雪に願いを。 Ver.))
  • DVD (Limited Edition Type B)
    1. Samui ne. (Group Shot Ver.) (寒いね。(Group Shot Ver.))
  • DVD (Limited Edition Type C)
    1. Samui ne. (Group Shot Ver. II) (寒いね。(Group Shot Ver.Ⅱ))

S/mileage – Samui ne (MV)