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7cm – 1st Mini-Album

7cm - 1st Mini-Album7cm will release their 1st eponymous mini-album 7cm on January 12.

This long-awaited album contains 9 songs.

7cm is an idol group consisting of former members from SDN48.


Idol Land 2013 Summer

Idol College, Cheeky Parade, 7cm, PPP! PiXiON, and Ogawa Mana will perform at Idol Land 2013 Summer.

The concert will be held on July 21 at Shinjuku Blaze in Tokyo.

There will be one live performance at noon, and another one at the end of the afternoon.


Former SDN48 members form 7cm

7cmAvex announced the creation of a new idol group called 7cm.

7cm consists of 7 members who were formerly part of SDN48. These members are Ito Mana, Imayoshi Megumi, Umeda Haruka, Kaida Jyuri, Kato Mami, Konan, and Hosoda Miyuu.

A video showing the creation of the unit has also been uploaded on YouTube.