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Dempagumi.inc – Ai no Passion

Dempagumi.inc - Ai no PassionDempagumi.inc’s live CD Ai no Passion! ~Minna ga Arushi Chuugen ya de in Osaka Castle Hall~ (「夏のパッション! ~みんながおるし仲間やで in 大阪城野外音楽堂) was released on October 13.

However this mini-album is only on sale at the live performances of Dempagumi.inc.

The CD contains 6 tracks, including their singles Kira Kira Tune (キラキラチューン), Demparade Japan (でんぱれーどJapan), Sabotage, and Future Diver.

The songs were recorded at the concert of the idol group held in August in Osaka.