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AKB48 – Shoot Sign

AKB48 - Shoot SignAKB48 will release their 47th single Shoot Sign (シュートサイン) on March 15 .

The central member is Kojima Haruna. This is the last appearance of 1st generation member Kojiharu with the famous idol group, since Kojima Haruna graduated from AKB48 and held a last concert with AKB48 on last February 22. She also performs a solo song on this single.

The title song is used as the theme song of the drama Tofu Pro Wrestling in which plays Kojima and some AKB48 members .


AKB48 – Thumbnail

AKB48 - ThumbnailThe new album of AKB48 Thumbnail (サムネイル) will be released on January 25.

This is the 5th original album of the famous idol group from Tokyo.

It contains the latest singles released from AKB48: Kuchibiru ni Be My Baby, Kimi wa Melody, Tsubasa wa Iranai, Love Trip / Shiawase wo Wakanasai and High Tension.

It is the last album of the AKB48 featuring Kojima Haruna, member of the 1st generation of the group of idols. She will be graduating at the end of February.


Happy 21st Birthday Shinozaki Ayana

Shinozaki Ayana (篠崎彩奈) - AKB48Shinozaki Ayana (篠崎彩奈) birthday is today and may all of her birthday wishes come true.

Shinozaki Ayana is a member of AKB48’s Team K (2015-Present). Her nickname is Ayanan. She was born on January 8, 1996 in Saitama, Japan. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn. She is a singer and actress as well.


Iwasa Misaki – Saba Kaidou

Iwasa Misaki - Saba KaidouIwasa Misaki begins the year 2017 with a new single entitiled Saba Kaidou (鯖街道).

It’s the 6th single of the former AKB48 member. It will be released on January 10.

The short version of the MV was posted last December.


Jankenmin – Sakasazaka

Jankenmin - SakasazakaThe 1st single from Jankenmin will be released on December 21st.

It is entitled Sakasazaka (逆さ坂).

Jankenmin is a special unit from AKB48. It is from the AKB48 2016 Janken Tournament.

The members of the idol group are: Komiyama Haruka, Shibuya Nagisa, Takeuchi Saki (SKE48), Tanabe Miku, Nozawa Rena, Fukuoka Seina and Yumoto Ami.


Owada Nana announced her graduation from AKB48

Owada Nana (大和田南那) - AKB48Owada Nana recently announced her graduation from AKB48.

This announcement was made by herself at the end of the Boku no Taiyou stage performance at their theater on November 29th.

The date of her graduation ceremony and her last concert with the idol group hasn’t been determined yet.

The reasons why she wants to leave the group wasn’t revealed. However, Nana apologized via a tweet for this sudden announcement and asked for fans to support her until her departure and her withdrawal as an idol.


Iwasa Misaki – Misaki Meguri ~Dai 1 Shou~

Iwasa Misaki - Misaki Meguri ~Dai 1 Shou~Iwasa Misaki unveiled her new album Misaki Meguri ~Dai 1 Shou~ (美咲めぐり~第1章~).

This is the first studio album of the ex-member of the AKB48. It will be released on November 30th.

It marks the beginning of Iwasa Misaki as enka singer.

It will contain new songs as well as the first singles of Iwasa Misaki released since 2012, such as : Mujin EkiMoshimo Watashi ga Sora ni SundeitaraTomo no Ura BojouHatsuzake and Gomen ne Tokyo.


New AKB48 sister group : STU48

STU48A new idol group of the franchise AKB48 was formed: this is STU48.

The name of the STU48 refers to the town of Setouchi, located in Okayama Prefecture.

After the formation of the sister group NGT48 in 2015, the group of STU48 will be the 6th national sister group of AKB48, scheduled to debut in summer of 2017.


AKB48 – High Tension

AKB48 - High TensionAKB48 will release their 46th single High Tension (ハイテンション) on November 16.

The main song is a disco song.

The single’s center is Shimazaki Haruka, who announced on October 3 her graduation from AKB48 scheduled for December 26. So, this is the last single featuring Paruru.