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AKB48 – Love Trip

AKB48 - Love TripAKB48 will unveil its 48th single Love Trip on August 31.

The videoclips in full and short versions were posted on YouTube.

The single’s center is Sashihara Rino.


Iwasa Misaki Live at Japan Expo 2016

Iwasa Misaki (岩佐美咲)Iwasa Misaki was present at Japan Expo 2016 this year to introduce enka and Japanese traditional pop music to foreign fans.

The former member of AKB48 held live performances and participated in several shows along with the band Hayabusa.

Watch the video and some photos of Iwasa Misaki’s live.


Maeda Atsuko – Selfish

Maeda Atsuko - SelfishAfter several singles, Maeda Atsuko (ex AKB48) reveals us her debut album.

It is entitled Selfish. It will be on sale on June 22.

The music video of the song Selfish in short version was unveiled.


AKB48 – Tsubasa wa Iranai

AKB48 - Tsubasa wa IranaiThe new single of AKB48 Tsubasa wa Iranai (翼はいらない) will be sold on June 1st.

This is the 44th single of the popular idol group.

The center member is Mukaichi Mion.

Check out the MVs.


Yamamoto Sayaka left AKB48

Yamamoto Sayaka (山本彩) - NMB48Yamamoto Sayaka announced her departure from AKB48 Team K.

This announcement was made by herself on May 26th at NM48 Theater in Osaka during a live performance.

Sayanee specified to continue her activities with her debut group NMB48 which she is a member of the 1st generation and the captain.


Iwasa Misaki at Japan Expo 2016

Iwasa Misaki (岩佐美咲) / AKB48Iwasa Misaki is going to participate in Japan Expo 2016 in France in July.

The enka singer, and former AKB48 member, will make foreign fans discover this popular music style from the Land of the Rising Sun on stage at Japan Expo.


Ishida Haruka to graduate from AKB48

Ishida Haruka (石田晴香) - AKB48Ishida Haruka announced her graduation from AKB48.

Harukyan told that she had decided to leave the idol group in order to realize her dream of becoming a voice actress (seiyu).


Itano Tomomi – Hide & Seek

Itano Tomomi - Hide & SeekItano Tomomi‘s 8th single Hide & Seek will be on sale on April 20th.

It is the theme song for the horror movie Nozokime (のぞきめ) starring former AKB48 member Itano Tomomi.

The MV and the covers are inspired by Beauty and the Beast.


AKB48 – Kimi wa Melody

AKB48 - Kimi wa Melody (君はメロディ)The new single of AKB48 Kimi wa Melody (君はメロディー) will be on sale on March 9.

This is the 43rd single of the idol group. It celebrates for the second time the 10th anniversary of the group (after the recent release of a compilation album in last November).

For this occasion, some former members such as the popular Maeda Atsuko, Itano Tomomi, Shinoda Mariko and Oshima Yuko make a brilliant appearance on the covers of singles and the clip. Although they have not participated in the recording of the single in its entirety, they perform the title track.