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Alo Hello! 3 °C-ute

Alo Hello! °C-ute 2014Alo Hello! 3 °C-ute (アロハロ!3 ℃-ute) will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on March 12.

As its title suggests, this is the 3rd episode of the series featuring °C-ute. The filming was done in Hawaii. The DVD and the Blu-ray contains various scenes with the members of the idol group including swimsuit footage.

The digest video has been released.


Alo Hello! °C-ute 2014 Photobook

Alo Hello! °C-ute 2014Alo Hello! °C-ute 2014 Photobook (アロハロ! ℃-ute 2014 写真集) will be released on January 25.

This is the 3rd photobook of °C-ute in the Alo Hello! series. As usual, the photo shooting was done in Hawaii. The theme is “kawaii, elegant, just a little adult”.

The book includes pictures of the 5 members of °C-ute in beautiful places such as Waimanalo, North Shore, Ala Moana beach…

It comes with a making-of DVD featuring 30 minutes of footage.