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Babymetal Live ~Legend I, D, Z Apocalypse~

Babymetal Live ~Legend I, D, Z Apocalypse~Babymetal Live ~Legend I, D, Z Apocalypse~ will be released on Blu-ray on November 20.

The Blu-ray includes the 3 concerts of Babymetal Legend “I” held in October 2012 at Shibuya O-East, Legend “D” in December 2012 at Akasaka Blitz, and Legend “Z” on February 2013 at Zepp Tokyo.

It also includes the original movie story Kitsune-sama no Mokujiroku (キツネ様の黙示録).

It comes with a booklet featuring photos of the live performances.

Check out the trailer. (more…)

Babymetal – Megitsune

Babymetal - MegitsuneBabymetal’s new single Megitsune (メギツネ) will be released on June 19.

The 3 limited editions come with a bonus DVD featuring live performances from Babymetal Live I D Z ~Legend.

The title track is a song mixing traditional Japanese instruments and a heavy metal sound.

On each cover, Babymetal members are wearing a fox mask. It refers to the title of the single, Mitsune, which means “female fox” in Japanese.