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Band Ja Naimon! – Re:start

Band Ja Naimon! - Re:startThe new album of Band Ja Naimon! Re:start is on sale since April 22.

This is the 1st full album of the idol group, the group has released a self-titled mini album in 2012.

The tracklist was unveiled.

The music videos for Kimi no Sekai ga Egao Yabai and Chocolat Love (video of a different version) have been posted on YouTube. You can watch them below.


Band Ja Naimon! – Yuki Furu Yoru ni Kiss Shite

Band Ja Naimon! - Yukifuru Yoru ni Kiss ShiteBand Ja Naimon! will release their new single Yuki Furu Yoru ni Kiss Shite (雪降る夜にキスして) on December 18.

3 editions are available. The tracklist is the same for each one of them. They have different covers designed by Steve Nakamura and Ai Madonna (愛☆まどんな).

The music video has been revealed.


Band Ja Naimon! – Up Prime / Takatokotan -Forever-

Band Ja Naimon! - Up Prime / Takatokotan -Forever-Band Ja Naimon! will release their new single Up↑ Prime / Takatokotan -Forever- (Up↑ぷらいむ / タカトコタン-Forever-) on August 21.

This double A-side single includes only 2 songs.

It is the 1st release from Band Ja Naimon! since 3 new members were added in May.

The lyrics of Up↑ Prime were written by Misako who is a member of the idol group.


23 new groups at Tokyo Idol Festival 2013

Tokyo Idol Festival 201323 new idol groups and soloists announced their participation in Tokyo Idol Festival 2013.

The latest artists added to the line-up of TIF 2013 are ICT Lovelies, Afilia Saga, Victory, usa☆usa Girls, Especia, Electric Ribbon, Ono Erena, Kaiketsu! Tropical Maru, Gal▽Doll, KNU, Kotone Mai, Shizukaze & Kizuna, Techpri, Tochiotome25, Naboudoufu@Nana, 9nine, hy4_4yh, Band Ja Naimon!, Maria, Rhymeberry, Love La Doll, and Lyrical School.

Check out the full line-up and more information on the event : Tokyo Idol Festival 2013.


3 new members join Band Ja Naimon!

Band Ja NaimonBand Ja Naimon! announced that 3 new members joined the group. Their names are Ramune (らむね), Shioringo (しおりんご), and Gumi (ぐみ).

The news was revealed on May 7 during their show on Ustream. It was a surprise for the original members Misako and Kacchan.