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Wakita Monari – I am ONLY

Wakita Monari - I am ONLYWakita Monari will release her new album I am ONLY on July 26.

This is her first solo album and now marks the debut of Wakita Monari, nicknamed Mona, after her departure from Especia.

You’ll find her first three singles : In The CityBoy Friend and I’m with you.

The MV for the new song Nakimushi Revolution was also posted.


Especia – Wizard

Especia - WizardBefore ending their activities, Especia will release their new album Wizard on March 22.

This is a best-of album of the idol group. This will be the last record of Especia to be released before their break-up in March.

The cover of the album illustrates a landscape under a sunrise or sunset with a UFO in the air, surely ready to go. One can interpret this image as a metaphor with the graduation and departure of Especia members.


Especia announced its disbandment

EspeciaTo the surprise of the fans, Especia announced that it will disband.

A news announcement at the end of last January via a message from the group on the official website.

The members discussed with their agency about their separation. The reasons remain rather blurred but it’s said that structural problems with their agency would have led the group to dissolve. This information remains to be confirmed.


Especia – Danger

EspeciaThe new single of Especia Danger will be released on December 7.

A short version of the video clip was uploaded.

The CD will contain only two tracks.


Especia – Mirage

EspeciaEspecia will release their new EP Mirage on August 10.

This is the 4th mini album of the idol group.

The group changed line-up many months ago. The members Chika Sannomiya, Chihiro Mise et Monari Wakita graduated on March 3 after the group’s decision to move from Osaka to Tokyo.

A new member Mia Nascimento joined the group a few months later, in June. She made her first appearance on this album.


Especia – Carta

Especia - CartaEspecia‘s new album Carta will be on sale on February 24th.

Sannomiya Chika, Mise Chihiro and Wakita Monari, who are going to graduate in February, are making their last appearance on this album.

The 3 girls decided to leave Especia after that it was announced that the idol group was moving from Osaka to Tokyo.


Especia – Aviator / Boogie Amora

Especia - Aviator / Boogie AmoraThe new single of Especia entitled Aviator / Boogie Amora will be on sale on July 22.

This is the 3rd single if the idol group and its 2nd one featuring a double A-side.

The tracklist and the covers have been unveiled.

The official music videos of the songs have been posted on YouTube.