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FES☆TIVE in Indonesia

FES☆TIVE in IndonesiaFES☆TIVE, who released their first album Wasshoi Record on July 27, have begun skyrocketing. A matsuri-themed idol group, they rose to stardom via YouTube, receiving offers to perform at Japan Festivals in Indonesia, Thailand and Hong Kong. They appeared on popular SCTV program, Inbox, and as the main act of The University of Indonesia’s Japan Fest, Gelar Jepang UI 22.


FES☆TIVE – Susume Zipangu

FES☆TIVEFES☆TIVE‘s new single Susume Zipangu (進めジパング) will be released on March 16th.

It is a catchy song whose theme is “from festive Japan to the World”. The lyrics include words such as “sushi” or “samurai” which symbolize the Land of the Rising Sun.

FES☆TIVE members perform an energetic dance in the MV.


FES☆TIVE – Kingyo no Kin-chan

FES☆TIVEFES☆TIVE‘s new single Kingyo no Kin-chan (金魚のきんちゃん) will be on sale on November 25.

The theme is “Goldfish scooping” (金魚すくい; kingyo sukui), a traditional Japanese game whose concept is to catch a goldfish with a special scooper. It is a common activity that can be played at summer festival stalls in Japan.

A video message by the members of the idol group has been published.


Fes☆tive – Omatsuri Hero

Fes☆tive - Omatsuri HeroFes☆tive‘s new single Omatsuri Hero (お祭りヒーロー) will be released on May 13.

It is the major debut single of Fes☆tive. Indeed, the idol group signed under the label Tokuma Japan Communications in early 2015.

The MV has been unveiled.