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Flower – Moon Jellyfish

Flower - Moon JellyfishFlower will release their 14th single Moon Jellyfish on April 26.

The MV for the main song was unveiled.

In this one, the Flower membres dance in what appears to be an abandoned street decorated with colorful plants, contrasting with other places, such as the one where the girls dance on a hexagonal platform surrounded by 20 tons of water for visually represent the theme of an aquatic flower.


E-Girls – Merry × Merry Xmas

E-Girls - Merry × Merry XmasE-Girls‘ 15th single Merry × Merry Xmas★ will be on sale on December 23.

As the title suggests, It is a sweet Christmas and love song.

The theme of the music video is “E-Girls dance to celebrate Christmas”.


Flower – Hitomi no Oku no Milky Way

Flower - Hitomi no Oku no Milky WayFlower‘s 11th single Hitomi no Oku no Milky Way (瞳の奥の銀河(ミルキーウェイ)) will be on sale on December 16.

This is the ending theme song for the anime Kindaichi Case Files R (Returns) (金田一少年の事件簿R) airing on Yomiuri TV and Nippon Television.

The MV has been revealed.


Graduation of Ichiki Kyoka from E-Girls and Flower

Ichiki Kyoka (E-Girls, Flower)Ichiki Kyoka announced her graduation from E-Girls and Flower.

She explained in a message posted on the official website that she had decided to retire from the entertainment industry in order to be back to a normal life.

Furthermore, Erie (E-Girls, Dream) revealed that she is now going to support her group as a DJ and not as a performer.


E-Girls – Dance Dance Dance

E-GirlsE-Girls‘ new single Dance Dance Dance will be on sale on September 30.

It is a disco funk song featuring a new sound and style for the Japanese girl group.

The curtain has been raised on the MV.


E-Girls – Anniversary

E-Girls - AnniversaryE-Girls‘ new single Anniversary!! will be released on May 20.

This song is used in the latest commercial for Samantha Vega featuring E-Girls members.

The MV and the TV CM have been unveiled.


Flower – Blue Sky Blue

Flower - Blue Sky BlueFlower‘s 10th single Blue Sky Blue will be released on April 29.

This song is used in the commercial for Kose TV’s Fasio E-Girls Jisshou Live (ファシオE-girls実証ライブ).

The MV has been unveiled.


Flower – Hanadokei

Flower - HanadokeiFlower‘s 2nd album Hanadokei (花時計) will be released on March 4.

This album contains new versions of their singles, new songs and covers of other artists by Flower.

It includes the song Dreamin’ Together in collaboration with the English girl group Little Mix.

Check out the music videos.


Flower – Sayonara Alice / Tomorrow ~Shiawase no Housoku~

Flower - Sayonara, Alice / Tomorrow ~Shiawase no Housoku~Flower‘s 9th single Sayonara, Alice / Tomorrow ~Shiawase no Housoku~ (さよなら、アリス / Tomorrow~しあわせの法則~) will be released on February 18.

It includes the Japanese version of the theme song for the American movie Annie performed by Flower. The film is going to be released in theaters on January 24 in Japan. It is an adaptation of the musical of the same title.

The MV has been unveiled.


E-Girls – Mr. Snowman

E-Girls - Mr. SnowmanE-Girls‘ new single Mr. Snowman will be released on November 26th.

It is the CM song for e-ma candy by UHA. The members of E-Girls appear in the TV commercial.

The MV, the CM video and the new profile picture of the Japanese female pop group have been unveiled.