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BiS (Brand-new Idol Society)BiS (Brand-new Idol Society) will release their new single SOCiALiSM on May 31.

Two girls, Kamiya Saki (member of Gang Parade) and Aya Eight Prince (member of BiS), exchanged their positons in early May. This is temporary because they will return to their respective idol groups in September.


Gang Parade – Foul

Gang Parade - FoulThe new single of Gang Parade entitled FOUL will be released on April 25.

This is the 7th single from the idol group and its 3rd one under the name of Gang Parade.

The new members, Coco Partin Coco, Yuka Terashima and Yui ga Dokuson, who joined Gang Parade in October, make their real appearance. These members already participated in the re-recording of the song Plastic 2 Mercy released in December (which is a cover of the 1st single of the idol group when it was still called Pla2me).


Gang Parade – Barely Last

Gang Parade - Barely LastGang Parade will release their new album Barely Last on November 8.

The new member Kyan Maika (キャン·マイカ) will make his first appearance on this album (her color is orange) ; she replaced Inukai Maaya October 2, who withdrew a day before.

The album contains the last singles of the group such as: Happy Lucky Kirakira Lucky, Queen of POP (these singles were released when the idol group was still called POP (Period Of Plastic Mercy 2) and We Are The Idol under the current name group. These singles were released when the group had members and Shigusawa Ao and Inukai Maaya before graduation.


Shigusawa Ao left Gang Parade

Shigusawa Ao (シグサワアオ) - Gang ParadeShigusawa Ao (シグサワアオ) left GANG PARADE this month.

This announcement was made on July 20 at Tower Records Shibuya Cutup STUDIO in Tokyo.

The reasons that pushed Shigasawa Ao to leave the group remain unclear but it seems that it’s is due to problems between her activities and her family.