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Angerme – Nakenaize… Kyoukan Sagi / Uraha=Lover / Kimi Dake Janai sa… friends

Angerme - Nakenaize... Kyoukan Sagi / Uraha=Lover / Kimi Dake Janai sa... friends

ANGERME will put on sale their new single Nakenaize… Kyoukan Sagi / Uraha=Lover / Kimi Dake Janai sa… friends (2018 Acoustic Ver.) (泣けないぜ・・・共感詐欺 / Uraha=Lover / 君だけじゃないさ…friends (2018アコースティックVer.)) from May 9th.

This is the 24th single by the idol group Angerme.

The songs Nakenaize… Kyoukan Sagi and Uraha=Lover were written and composed by Yamazaki Aoi.


Wada Ayaka will graduate from Angerme and Hello! Project

Wada Ayaka (和田彩花) - ANGERME (アンジュルム)

Wada Ayaka announced her future graduation of Angerme and Hello! Project.

The announcement was made on April 5, by Wada Ayaka herself, through a long message on her blog.

According to her, she discussed with her few friends of the staff of Angerme about her decision to graduate. They decided that 2019 would be the year to graduate as it marks her 10th anniversary of Angerme activities (previously S/mileage). As the last member of the 1st generation of the idol group to be still part, she will pass the torch to younger generations.


Graduation of Ogata Haruna from Morning Musume ’18

Ogata Haruna (尾形春水) - Morning Musume '18 (モーニング娘。'18)Ogata Haruna announced on March 27 her future graduation from Morning Musume ’18 and Hello! Project

According to her, she decided to leave the group to devote herself entirely to her university studies. She commented that she feels unable to pursue her dreams of attending university in parallel with her idol activities, so she decided to graduate from the group.


Fukuda Asuka – Sing

Fukuda Asuka - SingA great pleasure for the fans!

Former Morning Musume member and former idol of Hello! Project, Fukuda Asuka, released her first solo album Sing on March 14th.

In this single, she also sings a Morning Musume song entitled Never Forget (single from their 1999 album Second Morning).