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°C-ute – Mugen Climax / Ai wa Maru de Seidenki / Singing ~Ano Koro no You ni~

°C-ute - Mugen ClimaxThe 30th single of °C-ute entitled Mugen Climax / Ai wa Maru de Seidenki / Singing ~Ano Koro no You ni~ (夢幻クライマックス/愛はまるで静電気/Singing〜あの頃のように〜) will be released on November 2.

The 3 music videos were unveiled.

In the MV, C-ute goes back in time in the seventeenth century and dancing in a luxurious European-style room with glittering chandeliers that shine all around them ; the membres appear in military uniforms highlighted with epaulets and corsets. Some of you might recognize samples of Ludwig van Beethoven’s piano sonata No 14- presto agitato (also known as Moonlight Sonata) mixed in with J-pop and electronic dance beats.


Angerme – Umaku Ienai / Ai no Tame Kyou Made Shinka Shitekita Ningen Ai no Tame Subete Taika Shitekita Ningen / Wasurete Ageru

Angerme - Umaku IenaiThe new single of ANGERME entitiled Umaku Ienai / Ai no Tame Kyou Made Shinkashite Kita Ningen, Ai no Tame Subete Taikashita Ningen / Wasurete Ageru (上手く言えない/愛のため今日まで進化してきた人間 愛のためすべて退化した人間/忘れてあげる) will be on sale on October 19.

It contains a triple A-side.

The MV has been unveiled.

A new member will make her appearance on this single Kasahara Momona (aged 12). she was promoted as a new member last July during the Hello! Project Summer Tour. This announcement was a surprise for the fans. Kasahara Momona is a 5th generation member of the idol group.


°C-ute to breakup in June 2017

°C-ute°C-ute will breakup and graduate from Hello! Project in June 2017 after a last live performance at the Saitama Super Arena.

Since all members are over 20 years old now, the girls had discussions about their future over the last months.

The members of °C-ute decided that it was time for them to follow their own way to reach their goals.


Buono! – So La Si Do ~Nee Nee~ / Rock no Seichi

Buono! - So La Si Do ~Nee Nee~ / Rock no SeichiHello! Project idol group Buono! will release its new single So La Si Do ~Nee Nee~ / Rock no Seichi (ソラシド〜ねえねえ〜/ロックの聖地) on September 21.

This DVD single marks the return of Buono! it’s been four years that the group had not released discs.

It will be briefly on sale at Buono! Festa 2016 on August 25.

The MV was unveiled.


Natsuyaki Miyabi (ex Berryz Kobo, Buono!) is back with a new group

夏焼雅 新グループIt was announced that Natsuyaki Miyabi (former member of Berryz Kobo), joined M-line club (a Up-Front’s fan club of idols graduate from Hello! Project) in May and formed a new group.

Thetwo  other members who joined Miyan for this new adventure are Kobayashi Hikaru (小林ひかる) and Nihei Yuka (二瓶有加).

The new photo of the group was unveiled.


Inaba Manaka (Country Girls) to go on hiatus

Inaba Manaka (Country Girls)Inaba Manaka is going to suspend activities with Country Girls because of asthma.

She suffers from this disease since she is a child. Up-Front announced that Inaba Manaka’s condition had recently worsened when she was performing with the idol group.

After some discussions with her family and a doctor, she decided to have a break in order to undergo medical treatment.


Tsubaki Factory Sound + Vision Vol. 1

Tsubaki Factory Sound + Vision Vol. 1The group Tsubaki Factory will release its mini album Tsubaki Factory SOUND + VISION Vol. 1 (つばきファクトリーSOUND+VISION Vol.1) on May 18.

The tracklist has been unveiled.

It will include a CD and DVD.

The CD will contain four songs, including the two first indie singles of the idol group: Seishun Manmannaka! et Kedakaku Saki Hokore!.  The other two songs 17 Sai and Cabbage Hakusho ~Haru-hen~ are respectively covers of songs by Manami Saori and Peaberry.


Morning Musume ’16 – Utaka Saturday Night / The Vision / Tokyo to Iu Katasumi

Morning Musume '16 - Utaka Saturday Night / The Vision / Tokyo to Iu KatasumiMorning Musume ’16 will release their 61st single Utaka Saturday Night / The Vision / Tokyo to Iu Katasumi (泡沫サタデーナイト / The Vision / Tokyoという片隅) on May 11th.

This is the last single from the idol group featuring Suzuki Kanon. Her graduation ceremony will take place on May 31st at Nippon Budokan on the last day of Morning Musume ’16 Spring 2016 Concert Tour.

Check out the MV.