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Hime Kyun Fruit Can – Koi no BRKN

Hime Kyun Fruit Can - Koi no BRKNHime Kyun Fruit Can‘s new single Koi no BRKN!! (恋のBRKN(バリキュン)!!) will be released on February 11.

BRKN (Barikyun) is a special collaboration unit consisting of Hime Kyun Fruit Can and Bary-san the mascot of Imabari city in Ehime prefecture.

In the music video, the members of the idol group play a 8-bit video game with their own characters and travel across different level in order to save the mascot.


Kawaii Pop Fes Hong Kong 2014

Kawaii Pop Fes by @JamCheeky Parade, Up Up Girls (Kari), Tokyo Girls’ Style, Hime Kyun Fruit Can, Dorothy Little Happy, and Dempagumi.inc will participate in Kawaii Pop Fes vol.3 by @Jam Hong Kong 2014.

The festival will be held on June 28-29, 2014 at Music Zone in Hong Kong.


Hime Kyun Fruit Can – Harukanata

Hime Kyun Fruit Can - HarukanataHime Kyun Fruit Can‘s new single Harukanata (ハルカナタ) will be released on April 16.

Hime Kyun Fruit Can unveiled the artwork. It is their first single in 2014.

A video message from the members of the idol group and the PV have been released..


Hime Kyun Fruit Can – Asunaro Sanjou

Hime Kyun Fruit Can (ひめキュンフルーツ缶)Hime Kyun Fruit Can will be starring in the drama Asunaro Sanjou! (あすなろ参上!).

In this drama, the members of Hime Kyun Fruit Can are playing as members of the fictional idol group Asunaro A (アスナロA). The story is about the growth of the unit along with their producer.


Hime Kyun Fruit Can – Moratorium

Hime Kyun Fruit Can - MoratoriumHime Kyun Fruit Can’s new single Moratorium (モラトリアム) will be released on December 18.

This is the 2nd major single from Hime Kyun Fruit Can.

2 editions are available. Each one includes 4 songs. However the 4th track is different depending the version.

The limited edition comes with a bonus DVD featuring the music video and making-of footage.