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Juice=Juice World Tour 2017

Juice=JuiceJuice=Juice will hold a world tour and give concerts in 7 countries : the United States, Great Britain, France, Germany, Mexico, Thailand and Malaysia.

This announcement was made by the members of the idol group from Hello! Project on Hello! Station #214 on April 12.


Happy 18th Birthday Miyamoto Karin

Miyamoto Karin (宮本佳林) - Juice=JuiceMiyamoto Karin (宮本佳林) birthday is today and may all of her birthday wishes come true.

She is a Japanese pop singer, idol, actress and model who is signed to Hello! Project. Miyamoto Karin is a member of Juice=Juice since February 3, 2013 and her member colour is grape. She is a former member of Hello Pro Kenshuusei (November 24, 2008 – November 18, 2013) as part of the 5th generation. She was also a member of Shin Minimoni  (2009 – 2011) and Satoyama Movement unit Jurin (2013 – 2016).


Juice=Juice – Dream Road ~Kokoro ga Odoridashiteru~ / Keep On Joshou Shikou!! / Ashita Yarou wa Bakayarou

Juice=Juice - Dream Road ~Kokoro ga Odoridashiteru~ / Keep On Joshou Shikou!! / Ashita Yarou wa BakayarouIdol group Juice=Juice will release their new single Dream Road ~Kokoro ga Odoridashiteru~ / Keep On Joshou Shikou!! / Ashita Yarou wa Bakayarou (Dream Road~心が躍り出してる~ / KEEP ON 上昇志向!! / 明日やろうはバカやろう) on October 26.

This the 8th single of Juice=Juice.

The song Dream Road ~Kokoro ga Odoridashiteru~ was written and composed by Tsunku.

Former Angerme (ex-S/mileage) member, Fukuda Kanon, wrote lyrics of the song Ashita Yarou wa Bakayarou ; Itagaki Yusuke composed it.


Juice=Juice – First Squeeze!

Juice=Juice - First Squeeze!The new album of Juice=Juice entitled First Squeeze! will be on sale on July 15.

This is the first full studio album of Juice=Juice. It marks the debut of the idol group since its formation in 2013 under the Hello! Project.

The MV for Tsuzuiteiku Story (続いていくStory) and Choice & Chance, the tracklist and the covers were unveiled.


Juice=Juice – Wonderful World / Ça va ? Ça va ?

Juice=Juice - Wonderful World / Ça va ? Ça va ?Juice=Juice will release their 6th single Wonderful World / Ça va ? Ça va ? (サヴァサヴァ) on April 8.

The single contains the main songs Wonderful World and Ça va ? Ça va ?. It contains a double A-side.

The covers and the tracklists were unveiled us. The music video of the song Wonderful World was recently posted on YouTube.