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Panache! – Reincarnation

Panache!Panache!’s 1st album Reincarnation (リインカーネーション) will be released on March 27.

The album contains 11 songs including their previous singles Kirameki Miraizu (キラメキ未来図) and Sky Believe (スカイビリーヴ).

The album comes with a bonus DVD featuring music videos and off-shot footage. It also includes a CD-Rom with 100 original photos.

Panache!’s 2nd single Sky Believe (スカイビリーヴ) has been released on February 13.


Panache! – Kirameki Miraizu

Panache! - Kirameki MiraizuPanache!’s debut single Kirameki Miraizu (キラメキ未来図) will be released on October 24.

Both editions include a CD-Rom with 100 original photos.

Panache! is an idol and cosplay group consisting of 3 members.