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Ayumikurikamaki ga Yattekuru! Kuma! Kuma! Kuma!

Ayumikurikamaki ga Yattekuru! Kuma! Kuma! Kuma!Ayumikurikamaki‘s new album Ayumikurikamaki ga Yattekuru! Kuma! Kuma! Kuma! (あゆみくりかまきがやって来る!クマァ!クマァ!クマァ!) will be released on April 13th.

This is the 1st full album by the idol group. It includes the latest singles and 3 new songs by the “bear girls”.


Ayumikurikamaki – Shinyuu Forever

Ayumikurikamaki (あゆみくりかまき)Ayumikurikamaki‘s 3rd single Shunyuu Forever (心友フォーエヴァー) will be on sale on November 25.

The new profile picture of the idol group has been revealed.

Singer Ayumi, DJ Kurika and hype-woman Maki seem to have been arrested and appear as prisoners.


Ayumikurikamaki – Honey Honey Honey

Ayumikurikamaki - Honey Honey HoneyAyumikurikamaki‘s new single Honey Honey Honey (蜜蜜蜜) will be released on June 24.

This is the 2nd major single by Ayumikurikamaki, an idol group consisting of 3 cute “bear girls”.

It is the ending theme song for the anime Punch Line (パンチライン) airing on Fuji TV’s notaminA (“animation” written backwards).


Ayumikurikamaki – Shake, Shake, Shake

Ayumikurikamaki - Shake, Shake, ShakeAyumikurikamaki‘s new single Shake, Shake, Shake (鮭鮭鮭) will be released on March 4.

It is the major debut single of Ayumikurikamaki under the label DefStar Records.

It is the theme song for the drama Bittare!! (びったれ!!!) airing on tvk since January 2015.


Kurikamaki – Analog Ma Girl

Kurikamaki - Analog Ma GirlKurikamaki’s new single Analog Ma Girl (アナログマガール) will be released on August 21.

This is the debut single from Kurikamaki.

The CD contains 3 songs and their instrumental versions. Only one edition is available.


Tokyo Idol Festival 2013

Tokyo Idol Festival 2013Tokyo Idol Festival 2013 will be held on July 27-28 at Odaiba.

It will be the 4th edition of Tokyo Idol Festival since its creation in 2010. Last year, 111 idol groups and 21500 fans participated in the event.

Idoling!!!, AeLL, Sakura Gakuin, The Possible, Tokyo Girls’ Style, Negicco, and Vanilla Beans have already announced that they will perfom in the festival.

On May 14, the participation of 46 new groups and soloists was announced.

On May 29, 23 other idol groups and soloists have been added to the line-up.

On June 5, 15 new artists announced their participation.

On June 12, 8 other idol groups have been added.

HKT48 and RYUTist were the last guests announced on July 5.

Moreover, the timetable of TIF2013 has been revealed.