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LinQ – Wessai!! Gassai!!

LinQ - Wessai!! Gassai!!LinQ‘s new single Wessai!! Gassai!! (ウェッサイ!!ガッサイ!!) was released on September 24th.

This is the 5th single from LinQ. It is produced by Fukushima Maiko who usually works for Dempagumi.inc.

The MV has been unveiled. It was made in collaboration between Yumemi Nemu (Dempagumi.inc) and video director Smith as SmithNemu (スミネム).


LinQ – Natsu Koi

LinQLinQ‘s new single Natsu Koi (ナツコイ) will be released on July 30.

This is the 4th major single from LinQ. It is the idol group summer anthem.


LinQ – Awake ~LinQ Dai 2 Gakushou~

LinQ - Awake ~LinQ Dai 2 Gakushou~LinQ’s new album Awake ~LinQ Dai 2 Gakushou~ (Awake~LinQ第二楽章~) will be released on March 26.

This is the 1st major album from LinQ. 3 versions are available.

The CD contains 14 tracks including songs from their latest singles and 4 new ones.


Himesaki Ami (LinQ) to make her solo debut

Himesaki Ami (LinQ)Himesaki Ami (LinQ) is going to make her solo debut in 2014 under the label T-Palette Records.

The announcement was made at the event T-Palette Kanshasai 2013 (T-Palette感謝祭 2013) held on December 15 at Laforet Museum Roppongi in Tokyo.

More details about Himesaki Ami’s solo project will be revealed on February 1.


LinQ – Colorful Days

LinQ - Colorful DaysLinQ’s new single Colorful Days (カラフルデイズ) will be released on January 22.

This is the 3rd single from LinQ since their joined a major label.

The regular edition contains 4 songs including 2 bonus tracks.

The limited editions Type A and B come with a DVD featuring eithe the music video and making-of footage, or a video of LinQ Lady Super Live Tour 2013 at Shibuya Vuenos.


SRAM – Lemon Tea / Let’s Rock (Dan Dan)

SRAMSRAM’s debut single Lemon Tea (レモンティー) / Let’s Rock (Dan Dan) will be released on November 23.

This is a double A-side single. The CD includes 2 rock songs.

The MV has been released.

SRAM is a new sub-unit of LinQ.


Up Up Girls Taiban Angya (Kari) ~Official Bootleg Box~

Up Up Girls Taiban Angya (Kari) ~Official Bootleg Box~Up Up Girls Taiban Angya (Kari) ~Official Bootleg Box~ (アップアップガールズ(仮)対バン行脚(仮)) will be released on DVD in late August.

The DVD box set includes the 5 concerts held by Up Up Girls featuring other idol groups between February and April.

The other idol groups which participated in the live performances are Negicco, Dorothy Little Happy, Hime Kyun Fruit Can, LinQ, and BiS.


Up Up Girls, LinQ, Vanilla Beans, and other idols in the movie Ada

讐 ~ADA~Sengoku Minami and Sato Ayano (Up Up Girls) will be starring in the horror movie 讐 ~Ada~.

The other girls of the group (Furukawa Konatsu, Mori Saki, Arai Manami, Saho Akari, Sekine Azusa) and some members of LinQ (Maikawa Aya, Ito Maki), Vanilla Beans (Rena, Risa), Caramel Ribbon (Ueno Amane, Yoshinaka Aoi, Fukata Seina), and Lyrical School) will have a supporting role.

The story takes place in a school in which mysterious murders happen.

The movie was directed by Shiraishi Koji and produced by T-Palette Records. All the idol units listed above are part of this label.

讐 ~Ada~ will be released on July 13.


8 new groups at Tokyo Idol Festival 2013

Tokyo Idol Festival 20138 new idol groups announced their participation in Tokyo Idol Festival 2013.

These groups are LinQ, Yumemiru Adolescence, GEM, and the 5 teams of Idol Street Street-sei (e-Street Sapporo, e-Street Tokyo, w-Street Nagoya, w-Street Osaka, and w-Street Fukuoka).

Check out the full line-up and more information on the event : Tokyo Idol Festival 2013.