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Negicco – Melody Palette ~Okiniiri no Party e~

Negicco - Melody Palette ~Okiniiri no Party e~Negicco‘s new live DVD Melody Palette ~Okiniiri no Party e~ (「Melody Palette」~お気に入りのパーティーへ~) wil be released on December 11.

The DVD box set includes 2 discs featuring the concert 10th Anniversary Party and the release party of Negicco’s album Melody Palette. Both live performances were held on August 10 at Shinjuku Blaze in Tokyo.

Check out live footage from Melody Palette ~Okiniiri no Party e~ and a message from the members of Negicco.


Negicco – Melody Palette

Negicco - Melody PaletteNegicco‘s 1st album Melody Palette will be released on July 17.

The album contains 13 songs, including their latest singles Koi no Express Train (恋の Express Train), Anata to Pop with You! (あなたとPop With You!), Ai no Tower of Love (愛のタワー・オブ・ラヴ), and Idol Bakari Kikanaide (アイドルばかり聴かないで).

It also features a new song, Negative Girls! (ネガティヴ・ガールズ!), written by Connie and 2 remix.