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HKT48 Eikou no Labyrinth

HKT48 Eikou no LabyrinthThe video game HKT48 Eikou no Labyrinth (HKT48 栄光のラビリンス) has started on September 1.

HKT48 Eikou no Labyrinth is a RPG card game. The aim is to adventure around a fantasy world with the members of HKT48 and to complete some quests. Each girl has different skills and abilities.

The video game is available on smartphone and feature phone for free. However it is only in Japanese.

A gallery with the pictures of the cards of all members including Sashihara Rino has been posted.


HKT48 – Melon Juice

HKT48 - Melon JuiceHKT48’s 2nd single Melon Juice (メロンジュース) will be released on September 4.

Melon Juice is described as a punk rock song.

4 editions are available. Each one of them contains 3 songs and their instrumental versions.

The regular editions include a DVD with 2 music videos and a bonus footage featuring various members of HKT48 depending on the type of the single.