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Cheeky Parade I

Cheeky Parade ICheeky Parade will release their 1st album Cheeky Parade I on November 27.

The album contains 13 songs including Cheeky Parade’s latest singles and their new hit Check It Out (チェケラ).

The MV for this new song has been released.


Cheeky Parade – Mugendai Shoujo A

Cheeky Parade - Mugendai Shoujo ACheeky Parade’s 3rd single Mugendai Shoujo A (無限大少女∀) will be released on September 4.

The CD edition includes a bonus track.

The CD+DVD edition comes with a DVD featuring the music video.

The first press releases include a ticket for a handshake event with the members of Cheeky Parade.

Mugendai Shoujo  was chosen as the theme song for TBS’ Natsu Sacas 2013 (夏サカス2013).